It’s no small thing that someone would navigate themselves to the “About” page of a musician, especially in the convoluted world that is the internet today. The fact that you would take the time to learn more about me is truly humbling. So, thank you for being here! Now let me stop wasting your time and get to the brass tacks…

I’m a pianist, composer, arranger, transcriber, and lifetime worship leader and church musician.

I began piano lessons at age 6 and picked up the guitar at age 12, diving into every and any opportunity I could find in my small world to “do music.” I played in competitions, performed in churches, and regularly led worship in my youth group. At 17 I went to music school at a small Christian university, graduating in 2010.

Though classically trained and taught to read music (and loving it!), I found myself most comfortable in the music of my generation. I began teaching myself to play by ear and began writing my own piano arrangements of hymns as early as 13 years old. In college, while continuing my classically-based training, I also pursued independent studies in composition and continued my own writing and arranging.

After graduation, I began an internship with a well-known music publisher where I received training in songwriting and recording which eventually allowed me to record my own album of redone hymns and originals. Shortly after that internship I started a music transcription business, creating notation from recordings for a film score composer, nationally-known worship artists, and even an internationally-known pop artist. During that time I also taught both private and band lessons in a nationally-recognized music school (they were named NAMM Top Dealer during my time there) and helped build a group lesson program for an after-school music company. In 2017, I joined a church staff where I arranged regularly for band, choir, and orchestra. I played in rock and folk bands during that time and also had multiple piano tutorials published online.

Fast forward to the present. I have taken my piano professor’s counsel to heart: if I want to make a living in music, and I don’t want to teach, I need to put my eggs in lots of different baskets! I’m writing modern piano accompaniment and worship choir arrangements for churches which I publish under the name Centered Worship (check it out: CenteredWorship.com). I’m working regularly with a couple singer/songwriters as an arranger and accompanist. I’m performing my own original music as often as I can with the hopes of releasing a neo-classical project in the future. And, of course, I’m doing the stuff you see here on this site.

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Why I do what I do…

Through all of these different experiences, one thing seems to unite everything I do for the church: I want to see the division over style of music go away. I believe it’s very possible. I’ve been living and working straddled between the traditional/classical and contemporary/modern world my entire life. I’ve seen churches and students live in both worlds…and it’s beautiful.

I believe there is a growing number of churches that want that too, but lack the tools to see it happen. That’s the direct vision of Centered Worship – to create those tools – but it’s also behind everything else I create.