Centered Worship

Centered Worship was an innovative sheet music publishing project that I undertook to create usable sheet music resources for regular musicians in regular churches that bridged the gap between traditional and contemporary styles of music.

Due to several factors, a significant one being the changes brought on in the church by COVID-19, I have been unable to maintain and grow Centered Worship as a standalone entity. But that does not mean my desire to create resources like this or to see the church become more musically integrated has diminished in any way.

The resources I created for Centered Worship are still available here on this site. And as long as there is interest in them, they always will be (and hopefully even more!). Regardless of whether it has the “Centered Worship” stamp on it or not, this kind of arranging is in my DNA. So many of the other arrangements on this site will still fit a Centered Worship ethic.

That being said, if you would like an arrangement done for you, your church, your student(s), your choir, etc., I’m always open to getting a conversation started. Just shoot me an email on my contact page.

The Songs