God Is Near the Brokenhearted

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god is near the brokenhearted


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CCLI song #: 7166752 (see fine print below about church use)

To a world which held power as a value
And held wealth as the mark of human worth
Came the Christ as a baby in a manger
Whose coming birth was first spoken to a shepherd

Have the mind that we see in Jesus Christ
Who would stand / with the sinners, not the saints
With the lonely and the hard to love, the ones with none to give
God is near the brokenhearted

From a voice which had called light out of darkness
And a hand which had raised up every mountain
Came a call just as quiet as a whisper
An embrace just as yielding as a mother

On a cross that was fashioned for the guilty
Hung a man who had broken not a bruised reed
Who in pain wouldn’t curse the ones who broke him
But instead asked his father to forgive them

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