Wherever I Go

“Wherever I Go” Sheet Music

$6.50 – PDF Download

High quality sheet music of “Wherever I Go” from Zach James’ album Worship in the Sound of Piano, Vol. 1 is available for purchase! Paypal handles the payments so you can be sure it’s safe and easy to use. You can pay with your own PayPal account, credit card, or debit card. Once payment is processed, you’ll receive the sheet music via email as a PDF download.

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Fine print:
This song (and its sheet music) is copyrighted, which means the author came up with the ideas and owns the rights and credits for them. They should not be handled in any way that would rob the author of the rewards of his labor. You should view your purchase as you would any regular physical item. You may buy it for your own use or your household’s use, or you may buy it as a gift for someone else, or you may use it for awhile and decide to give it away to someone else. But please do not make copies of it and give them away or distribute the digital versions of it. If you do give it away to someone else, please do not keep your copy of it. If you have any questions or would like to get special permissions or work out bulk pricing, please contact me.